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Dick and Dora, Nip and Fluff

Posted in childhood by racingdemon on February 5, 2009

dick-and-doraMy mother may or may not have taught me how to pray, but she did a great deal of other preparation prior to my going to school. There were no nursery schools or pre-school provision in those days, at least not where we lived. On the other hand, very few mothers went out to work. Consequently, my mother spent a lot of time with my sister and I, teaching us to read and write, reading stories to us, and cooking delicious food. As a result, when I started school I could read quite well, and write my name – with both hands. I remained ambidextrous for some time, until finally settling on a preference for my left hand for writing and most purposes, but well able later in life to learn how to do new things, such as playing the guitar, right-handedly.

The Happy Venture series of reading books were used widely in schools from the fifties until as late as 1970 in some areas. Once again, the life that these two children and their delightful pets enjoyed was very different to our own. I don’t even remember knowing anyone who had a pet dog or a cat in our street. The fields and woods where Dick and Dora played, and the seaside with blue sea and sky where they took their holidays, seemed very far from our experience.


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  1. Rose said, on May 19, 2009 at 7:57 am

    I grew up with these at primary school and simply loved Dick and Dora. Noddy and Big Ears also a favourite. Thanks for allowing me to read a few pages again.

  2. Denise said, on October 30, 2009 at 2:21 am

    I used to love reading Dick and Dora / Nip and Fluff when I was in school in the 60’s and early 70’s.

    I remember my Aunty taught her boyfriend to read with these books and he was in his late twenties or early thirties because he couldnt read at all.

    Do you know how I can find these books because I would like to teach my daughter to read with them. I would also love to teach my nanna’s to read with them also.

    Thank you for letting me read some of the pages it brought back memories “YEA good ones”.

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